How it Works

First, healthy stem cells are sourced from suitable candidates. Through a highly trained doctor, these cells are injected into the damaged tissue. These stem cells then act as ‘building blocks’, helping the body restore this damaged tissue. The result is cells that repair and regenerate diseased tissue and reduce inflammation, which in turn improves the patient’s mobility and reduces pain significantly.

Stem cells are believed to have this unique capacity to independently stimulate the restoration of these damaged cells, which in turn improves cellular function and lessens inflammation of the diseased tissue.

Achieve faster

Due to the nature of the procedure, patients are able to experience a more natural recovery without the need to undergo rigorous rounds of medication or lay in hospital beds for days. The treatment is virtually pain free and patients are up and out the door as soon as the procedure is finished.

The future, today

The success of stem cell therapy is being observed all around the world, so much so that it is quickly earning the reputation of becoming the ‘treatment of the future’.

A better way is within reach

So it’s no wonder that stem cell therapy is quickly becoming a preferred treatment option for patients suffering from severe and chronic pain caused by disease or injury. This is because it surpasses the conventional treatment options as a safer, easier and quicker procedure. Patients experience less downtime so they’re back on their feet sooner, meaning no disruptions to their everyday life. In fact, patients can immediately resume their activities pre-procedure. They can return to work, sport or family commitments sooner and enjoy time with their loved ones without the constant aches and pains.

When you are in the prime of your life, the last thing you want is to have debilitating joint pain restricting you from partaking in everyday activities. Stem Cell Therapy provides a viable option for younger patients who do not qualify for joint surgery, giving them an alternative to medication. This provides an invaluable opportunity for those looking to improve their conditions without the aid of pain medication.

As Stem Cell Therapy is a new and advanced procedure, we understand that patients may have a lot of questions or queries about the treatment. The comfort of our patients is paramount, so we encourage an open and honest conversation prior to your treatment.

During your initial consultation, our doctor who is specifically trained in stem cell therapy will explain the entirety of the procedure from beginning to end. We make sure to choose a pace that our patients are comfortable with, taking every precaution to ensure that any concerns or worries are tackled before proceeding. We encourage our patients to ask as many questions as they want and endeavor to answer all queries with the utmost honesty and transparency.

The most important thing our patients learn is that our treatment are not only clinically proven, they are safe and reliable. Unlike surgery or pharmaceuticals which can have severe side effects or complications, leaving people worse off than before, stem cell therapy does not have the same outcome.

After your procedure, our doctor will discuss with you what the steps are going forward, your road to recovery and any other information that is vital to your healing. We are also available for patients who need to contact us after their treatment and are happy to provide assistance where we can.

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