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Joint pain, whether brought on by disease, injury or other causes, patients experience a decreased quality of life and are unable to resume their normal activities prior to their condition.

Until now, there has been no other alternative treatment for diseases such as osteoarthritis, other than joint replacement surgery. Our mission is to deliver a better, safer and more effective option for those who have otherwise been denied treatment or are reluctant to pursue surgery or pharmaceuticals to alleviate their pain.

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With the patient at the core of our practice, we take every care to ensure that the process is quick, painless and with as little downtime as possible.

World-class stem cell technology in Australia

Through our world-patented technology and modern procedures, we have been able to bring this treatment to the lives of many people suffering from chronic and severe joint pain.

Our process for isolating stem cells then cultivating prior to treating the patients, increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Our treatment is unique and the first of its kind with proven results.

Our clinical trial has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee of Monash University in Australia and New Zealand. The Safety Committee nominated by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has declared our stem cell treatment as “fully safe”.

Our treatment results in pain scores reducing to clinically acceptable levels

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Our Team

Mr Victor Roy (BEng FIIDM)
Managing Director

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Victor Roy started his first business whilst at University. He imported computers and initially sold them from home. As the business grew, he moved to larger and larger premises. Revenue increased by more than 50% per year for ten years when he eventually sold the business. At that time, the business had retail outlets in the major Australian capitals and 1,800 resellers. Victor used his experience and formal training to help other companies in many countries grow and achieve their business objectives. His clients include J&J, Philips, Pizza Hut, American Standard, DHL, Lumleys, Tool, Unilever, Woolworths, Inghams, Red Rooster, Oporto, Mad Mex

Maria McCabe (PGDip Inf Mgnt, MBA)
Chief Operating Officer

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Maria is an expert in organisational development, cultural change, strategic planning and change management. Maria has worked within the financial services industry, the public service market and utilities. She is an experienced trainer/facilitator, qualified in cultural transformation and lateral thinking tools, among many other skills. Maria has been engaged by many of Australia‘s leading organisations and will be able to share many real-world insights to help us make a mark in the stem cell world. Maria’s client list includes Westpac, AMP, CGU, Oak Associates (Japan), RMIT University, Dept Human Services (Victoria), Westpac, MLC, National Australia Bank, GPT, Sydney Water and Origin Energy just to name a few.