1. What are Donor Stem Cells?

Donor stem cell (also called Allogeneic) are stem cells donated by another person whose tissue are of the utmost quality and potency in order to give you the best chance at a full recovery.

Cells from a donor are then cultivated and grown to treat 1000’s of patients.  These are tested for quality and potency by a leading Stem Cell Laboratory in order to give you the best chance at a full recovery.

2. Is there any chance my body of rejecting the cells because they aren’t mine?

No, Stem Cells are immune privileged which means they will not be rejected by your body

3. Who does the initial analysis/consultation of my problem, a doctor or a nurse?

You will be greeted by the friendly staff at our clinics and then your initial consultation will be with a qualified Stem Cells doctor.

4. How much will Stem Cell treatment cost?

Everyone’s injury or condition is different this makes it very difficult to have one price for all.  Our no obligation assessment will be able to determine the treatment best for you and it is absolutely free.

5. How do I make an appointment with Stem Cells doctor?

You can make an appointment with any of our Doctors in any of our clinics located globally.  From our website you will be able to choose your location, doctor and book an appointment. Click on the “CONTACT US” menu for get more information.

6. How intrusive is the procedure, is it painful?

The Stem Cells procedure involves imagining equipment to accurately pin point where the doctor will inject the area with the cells.  The pain involved is that associated with any needle or injection.  There should be no pain following the treatment. 

7. How long will it be before I can walk/run or exercise after the procedure?

It is recommended that following treatment the patient rests the joint for 24 hours.  Following this the patient will notice improvements in pain.  As this occurs exercise or more rigorous use of the joint can begin.

8. When will I have a follow up meeting? Will my follow up meeting be with a doctor or nurse?

Yes 6 weeks following your treatment will be asked to see the doctor for a checkup.  This appointment will be scheduled for you at the time of your treatment.

9. Where does the treatment take place, hospital rooms or operating suites?

The treatment takes place in one of strategically located clinics around the world. These are sometimes located in hospitals or in medical centers.

10. Will imaging machines be used to help doctors with diagnosis?

Doctors will use imaging equipment to assist with the diagnosis.  They will also use imaging equipment during the treatment to ensure accurate placement of the stems cells

11. If I experience pain after the treatment who shall I to call for help?

Contact your treating doctor immediately.  If a medical emergency arises please contact emergency services.  

12. In what country is the laboratory located where the stem cells are harvested?

The Australian Stem Cells Laboratory is located in Melbourne Australia

13. Does the stem cell procedure have full governmental approval?

Our Laboratory is currently working toward the TGA approval and inclusion on the PBS. ASC Donor Stem Cells have been deemed as “fully safe” by the Safety committee nominated by the Australian TGA and they have been approved by Australian Health Ethics Committee.